C&NWCC Squash Club. Frequently Asked Questions

Is eye protection necessary?

The risk of eye injury in racquet sports such as squash is "high" according to the American Academies of Ophthalmology and Pediatrics, the American Optometric Association, and eye care professionals who have studied sports eye injuries. Fortunately, these injuries are almost totally preventable with appropriate protective equipment.

Should I choose set 1 or set 2 when its 8-8?

The complexity comes from the fact that you have to sum up an infinite number of probabilities, because in theory you could keep playing all night without scoring another point. In a programmed statistical simulation, when two players are evenly matched, choosing 1 point causes you to win 33.3% of the time and choosing 2 points causes you to win approximately 39.8% of the time. However the better you are than your opponent, the more advantage there is in choosing to play 2 points.

Can one serve overhead like Tennis?

Yes you can serve overhead, but no good player consistently does that. At the novice level it can be an effective serve as the pace of the ball can make the ball very difficult to return. This is especially true if the player has a weak backhand. At the better levels a good player will just put this ball away for a straight drop or drive.

If the ball hits a line, is it in or out?

The ball is out! It is also out if it hits anything else around the court such as a light or the roof.

What is a foot fault?

When you are serving one foot must be in contact with the floor inside the service box when the ball is struck. If it is raised above the floor, touching the service box line or outside the box then it is a fault.

What is the size of a squash court?

The official international squash court is 32 ft. long and 21 ft wide. In North America you will find many converted Hardball singles courts (18.5 ft wide) and racquetball courts (20 ft wide). Otherwise they should all be of correct length.

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